A Sting in the Tale

I’m very much looking forward to getting into the Parables of Jesus with you this spring. Some people have described parables as being small stories that teach big ideas. Like the rabbis of his time, Jesus used images and characters from everyday life to create miniature plays or dramas, called parables, to enhance his message.… Continue reading A Sting in the Tale

God is Love

Who likes to hear that God loves them?  Pretty much everybody – including those who don’t even believe in God. In fact, the love of God is probably the best known and least understood characteristic of all God’s characteristics that we have covered in the series, “God Is…”.  And that’s saying something, especially coming off… Continue reading God is Love

God is… Trinity Pt.2

Ah the Trinity! My hope is that, after last Sunday, the fog of Scripture is a bit clearer.  The problem is that we’re still socked in by the fog of understanding.  Typically when we know more of Scripture our understanding deepens and we gain clarity.  That may not be the case with the Trinity. The… Continue reading God is… Trinity Pt.2