God is… Trinity Pt.2

Ah the Trinity!

My hope is that, after last Sunday, the fog of Scripture is a bit clearer.  The problem is that we’re still socked in by the fog of understanding.  Typically when we know more of Scripture our understanding deepens and we gain clarity.  That may not be the case with the Trinity.

The fog of understanding may never clear up this side of heaven.  But that does not exempt us from communicating it’s truth, however mysterious we think the truth is.

It’s important to understand that the credibility of the Trinity is not damaged simply because it seems unexplainable.  I believe the Trinity’s credibility is damaged because we either refuse to talk about it or we simply cannot bear Scriptural witness to it.

We also diminish its credibility when we think we have to craft cleverly contrived arguments or manufacture the mother-of-all-analogies. The bottom line is this:  If we feel that we can only talk about the Trinity in ways that make sense to us, odds are the argument or analogy is flawed in some way.

But talk about it we must!


How?  How can we talk about the Trinity to someone?  How can we respond adequately to people’s questions? Is there a way to describe it that doesn’t detract from the Scriptural witness?

Responding to the “how” will be the lion’s share of the teaching time this Sunday.  My aim is to discuss two very significant ways to converse about the Trinity.  These two ways are vital – not just for our acceptance of the Trinity but also for how we bear witness in our families, occupations and Church.    Yes, it’s true – embracing the Trinity makes us better parents, spouses, employees, employers – you name it.

Hope to see you there.


Guys, our prayer time will be this Saturday Night @7:45 in the lobby.  Hope you can make it.


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