For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve,

and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

-Mark 10:45

As you know, fads come and go.  Some stick around for a while and then fall into the sea of oblivion rather quickly. For example:  When was the last time you saw a “Baby On Board” sign on the back of a minivan?  For me – it’s been a while.  Others, on the other hand, linger for some reason and, perhaps, take on a life of their own.

Take, for instance, the familiar “WWJD?” wristband.  You know…  “What Would Jesus Do?”   It seemed that for a while, everyone was wearing them – and for good reason.  As we live life day to day, it’s always a good practice to rehearse and remind ourselves of how the Master would respond in certain situations.  I think that was the main point of the wristbands.

The question,  “What would Jesus do?” no doubt stimulates assorted applications

  • Jesus would witness to people.  So should we

  • Jesus would be kind to his neighbors and co-workers.  So should we.

  • Jesus would avoid sins of all kinds. So should we.

All fine responses, no doubt, but I think a response that is far more consistent with the question, as well as scripture, is this:

Question:  What would Jesus do?

Answer:  Jesus would sacrificially serve the person in front of him – no matter who they were.

The reason why I bring this up is because we had the pleasure of saying “thank you” to our office volunteers this past week.  Several of the staff labored hard to put on a truly great luncheon as a mere token of our appreciation.  We loved hanging out and eating good food with these faithful servants who sacrifice so much.

The office volunteers at Arcade are a special breed of people.  They are more than willing to take on just about any task assigned to them with glad and sincere hearts.   Their zeal for service, love of the Gospel, and affection for Arcade Church  make them living, breathing sermons of the greatest news the planet has ever heard.  Everything they do connects to the fact that Jesus came to serve others and sacrifice himself.

This Sunday as you walk onto the Arcade Campus, most of the people you see doing specific tasks are volunteers.  They don’t receive one dime for their commitment or time.

Not one!

They fulfill their assorted tasks because Jesus is in them and they are compelled to act like him no matter the task.  We should be honored to occupy the same space as they – let alone receive their service.

Would you please take a moment and express your gratitude to them? They represent the Gospel in faithful action and…

They faithfully represent you and me.  More people will see Jesus in the action of their service than hear about Jesus in one of my sermons.

What Would Jesus Do?

He would do what our volunteers are doing.  I thank God for them.

See you Sunday.



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