I mentioned in last weeks message that I edited out a portion of the sermon notes because I wanted to go a different direction than the notes were going to take us.   That can be rough because some of us (myself included) suffer from “fill-in-the-blankaphobia” and can’t function well unless everything is…well…you know…filled in! The following… Continue reading Forgiveness

Mother’s Day

A Dandelion Bouquet “Her children arise and call her blessed…”-Proverbs 31:28b Dandelions!  Most of us see them as the archenemy of all lawns: Invaders of everything green.    We go to great lengths and expense to wipe them from the face of the earth.  “Give them an inch,” we say to ourselves, “they’ll take an acre.” There was a time… Continue reading Mother’s Day

Seeing Red

What do you think of when you hear the expression, seeing red? Most of us probably equate seeing red with anger. Anger is powerful. So powerful in fact that it can disintegrate whatever or whomever it touches. When guided and controlled, it can disintegrate systems that promote injustice and oppression. When misguided and uncontrolled it… Continue reading Seeing Red